Spirit of Darkness, Lord of Light

This is from my spiritual teacher JRK.

The Kin of Aries

1. Godseye View

by Joseph Rex Kerrick

Creation consists of an eternal dyadic flow of opposing forces around a central immoveable, unchanging presence. The two powers comprise the most primordial distinction of positive and negative, light and dark, yang and yin. They are the halves of a whole whose fissioning gave birth to the cosmos.

The overwhelming majority of created beings are churned about in the flux, tossed from one of the two streams to the other, unable to control their movements or affect the currents in which they spin. These souls (as we may call them) are trapped in creation forever, dying and getting born over and over again. A small number of souls awaken to their situation, enabling them to take charge of themselves and plot their course.

As the awakened souls discover their inner compass, each of them gravitates into a niche in one stream or theā€¦

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