The Marvelous Myth of Ramar

The Age of the Ram

2. The Marvelous Myth of Ramar

by Flo Nightingale


Happy birthday, Ramar! You’re only 19 this time around, but you’ve been with us forever, from when the White Gods came down the northern axis from Thule and gave birth to our race on Earth!

In the Golden Age everybody was Über: the Gods themselves dressed up in flesh for a party, taking delight in sensual things like killing mortal enemies, making love and babies, getting laid and even getting slain! But we know the sad story of how we fell through the Yugas starting with the original sin of a Thulean woman defiling her pure white body in bestial sex with the black native earthlings.

Over the aeons we gradually lost our Überpowers and frittered away our birthright, but always when things got desperate and the race was in danger of extinction, a man would arise from the mass and call down the power of the White Spirit, and a new Überlord would descend from Thule, an incarnation of divine omnipotence, an Avatar. Here’s a chronicle of all the White Avatars who have come to us through the centuries, in a spiel spoken by Ramar himself: The Plan, Phase One

Our great white prophet JRK did the magic when the millennium turned, like the line at the end of the spiel: the Heavens provide a lever to dislodge the Earth’s foundation; all we need is a place to stand. But he wasn’t content to let it rest, so he fleshed out the whole scenario in fiction to stimulate the racial imagination! We call it the Ram Saga, a series of novels still in progress, of which the most recent one was written by me, your humble authoress! The first of the two that JRK wrote takes place in the future, when Ramar is 33:

Ram Arising

It’s post-apocalypse: civilization has broken down, the enemy’s monopoly on power is gone, and the world is divided between the remnants of the hi-tech matrix in the urban areas and a new Thulean homeland spreading out through the countryside by means of military force aided by psychic & spiritual powers leveraged by the new White Avatar Ramar.

Pull the Plug Cover

The next novel is Pull the Plug. It was written later but takes place earlier, in the ‘present’ which is now the recent past, 2015 through ’17. This prequel explains how the breakdown happened: Ramar and his ‘war council’ deliberately caused the collapse by a well-coordinated hacker-attack supplemented by physical sabotage at key nodes of the grid around the world. President Trump makes an appearance as puppet of you-know-who, even though most of the white right still loved him at the time of writing!

JRK hopes the epic will inspire white revolutionaries IRL, but it also has more immediate direct effects. A big part of the magic of the Kin of Aries is the operation called assumption of the Godform. We all do it on a regular basis, inviting Gods & Goddesses attuned to our personal wavelengths to inspirit us, lend us their power and wisdom, and use us as instruments of their will. The man who I’m pleased to call my Lord, my Liege, my husband and lover, has a special affinity for Ramar himself, and can incorporate this greatest Godform in times of struggle, times of joy, and while making love with me! Europa and Leda, Parvati and Radha are all my sisters in eros, for I know what is to be fucked by a God!

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