Just a Girl IRL

Pearly Pink Preface

I projected myself into the future in Story of Flo and magnified some of my experiences into dramatic fantasies, especially the erotic kind. It’s fun to transmute yourself into a mythic heroine, but of course I’m just a girl in real life. I haven’t exactly become a famous authoress and I didn’t expect to get rich peddling the ebook at two bucks a pop, but I’ve met some amazing folks online who’d like to hear more about the real me. So I’ve worked up the nerve to expose myself (blush!)


in an autobiODDical way, plus graphics which unfortunately can’t be actual photos of me for privacy reasons. But I promise to google up some images and shop them so well that they’ll give you a near-perfect view of my own true self! And on the other hand I can disguise real pics of me cleverly enough to conceal my ID. Then once I’ve strewn enough plastic pearls to befuddle you, I’ll toss in some real ones for the seekers to find!


I’ve already written a bunch more chapters of my fictional Story for Volume II of the series, so I can post them at my leisure and devote my serious writing time to the new IRL opus. If all goes well my blog will blossom floridly! I’m launching this new project on a special occasion: tomorrow, May 10th, I am 25 years old! A quarter of the way through my first century… 😉

1. Confessions of an Ex-Kiddieslut


  1. Double congrats to my sweet sister Flo! Your birthday of course but also for finally launchin’ into the brave autobio. Only you & me know what guts it’ll take. Are you gonna start off with the psychowars vs. your nut-mama? Maybe better just skip ahead to romantic adventures with Jerry in Manayunk & the farm school. Whaddaya think? In any case I know you’re havin’ a beautiful day with the family down in the valley! 💛


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