Story of Flo, Part 3

Just as I promised in my last post, here’s the first chapter in what will become Volume II of Story of Flo! Volume I had two Parts, and a juicy recap of Part 2 is in my post Story of Flo: Plot, Pix, Sex-Politix. So just breeze through that & oooogle the pics and you’ll be up to speed on the plot! Oops, except for the last chapter, I didn’t say diddly about it so I will now.

Even though the white racial-spiritual community at Royalstone has trappings of a Catholic monastic order, it’s more in the tradition of our pagan ancestors. So in spite of their titles, Father Peter is actually like a Keltic Druid or Aryan Brahmin, and Mother Dominique is his High Priestess. In chapter 14 Rom told them that he could command me to do anything he wanted by sheer telepathy, then transferred the psychic “tether-bond” to Peter so he could do it too. And then Rom tooled off on his chopper to Thule, and here I am alone in the clutches of my new master and mistress….

Part III: The Cloister

1. Shakti Strip

     “Sister Flo,” says Dominique, “when you’re with your Lord your place and position is as he wills. Without him, you must assume the proper posture in the presence of your superiors.”

I glance at Peter; he fixes me with a look and I instantly get off the couch and kneel on the floor facing the two of them. I sit back on my haunches and place my hands on my knees, a comfortable position. Dominique continues: “Your eyes must be lowered except when addressed or when indicated otherwise by us. You must intuit our will, and if you make a mistake we’ll correct you.”

I look down at the carpet and say, “Thank you for the instruction, Milady.” She doesn’t reply, but I can sense that she’s pleased.

Peter says, “I can see that you two are going to get along famously. I’ve enjoyed the interval and I feel refreshed by the rite, but now duty calls. Any further issues, Mater?”

“I’m just wondering if I can command her psychically like you and Rom. My powers are not as great, and of course I’m a woman.”

“Why not try it out?” There’s silence, and I’m guessing that Dominique is focusing on me. Sure enough I feel a subtle tug on my body and some ripples along my muscles, but nothing that impels me out of my posture.

“Alas,” says Dominique.

“I’ll tell you what,” says Peter, “how about if I psychically share control of the tether-bond with you?”

“Could you? Is it possible?”

“Never tried it before, so it’ll be a good experiment.”

My eyes rise to look at them, as Peter psychically willed. He puts his right arm around Dominique’s shoulders and points at me with the first two fingers of his left hand. She imitates the gesture with the opposite hands. He says to her, “Raise the Vril from your Svadhi node and let the Ida and Pingala split off and flex through your arms, then mirror my beam unto our dear little bhakta here.”

Suddenly my belly jerks forward. My arms move reflexively back and my hands hit the carpet behind me, preventing me from falling over. “Whoa,” says Peter, “don’t damage her!”

“Sorry,” says Dominique; “I just gave it a tug ~ I didn’t know how hard I was pulling.”

“Well, now we know it works, so just go slow and get the feel of it.”

The pressure relaxes and I kneel upright again, kind of scared about what might happen next. I perceive the end of the cord in Dominique’s hand, and now a pulse begins to flow through it into my navel. I rise to my feet and begin to dance, as I did for Rom last night. I’m doing the initial movements, and my skirt swirls around me as I pirouette, revealing everything up to the garter belt. I progress through the Shakti ballet and my moves become provocative. I naturally direct them at Peter, and I see him smile in appreciative surprise. But now my cumbrous clothes are in the way, and I start to take them off, synching a slow strip tease to the rhythm of the dance. Is Dominique making me do this? I glance at her face as I move, and she looks more surprised than Peter ~ in fact even shocked. Wow, what’s going on? Who’s in control here? It sure isn’t me, because my body is just moving of its own accord, acting out the pattern that was imprinted upon my soul many lifetimes ago.

Peter is obviously wondering the same thing because he says in a humorous tone, “Mater, I’m surprised at you! Is she acting out your subliminal fantasies?”

“No!” squeals Dominique; “I just willed her to get up and dance. I had no idea it would be this kind of dance! Should I make her stop?”

“Not yet. We might as well enjoy it!”

She scowls at him as he stares at me. Obviously she’s not enjoying my dance at all! But I am, as I peel off the last of my modest outer raiment and writhe sinuously in my sexy undergarments. I intensify my focus on Peter, trying very deliberately to turn him on ~ and his bulging pants, lascivious grin, and rippling erotic vibes show that I’m succeeding. At last I execute the climax, then prostrate myself in the deepest bhakti-bow, with my arms stretched out in front of me on the floor.

“Huzzah!” says Peter, with a brief round of applause.

“Pater,” says Dominique, “I think our experiment worked too well. Did you notice how much she enjoyed stoking your orgone?”

“Hmm ~ I see your point. She was getting off on exercising that kind of power over me.”

“Exactly! We need to uproot her drive for gark-power, not encourage it.”

“Indeed ~ and luckily we have just the right person for the job. You have your work cut out for you, dear lady!”

With my face buried in the carpet I can’t see Dominque’s expression, which is probably just as well. Her voice shifts to a satisfied note as she says, “Thank you, Pater. I look forward to it, and rest assured I shall succeed! Within two weeks this shameless slut will be a fully-surrendered, lusciously obedient, perfectly chaste bhakta.”

2. Benediction & 3. Vestments


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