OMG It’s the White Spirit!

By Flo

I’m blessed to be part of a small but tight-knit white community, a kindred bound together not only by the blood in our veins but by divine light flowing into us from above. A lot of people say that the Source of this radiance is God, and we agree but often refer to it in other ways. Because we experience it as a force and a presence in our lives we don’t have to get religious about it, even though religion is the only way that the majority of people can get in touch with the Source.

The whole universe came from the Source, so its light & love & power permeate everything and everybody. Lots of white racialists get suspicious when they hear about this because they think it’s the false doctrine that Divine Oneness obliterates all differences of race & peoples & quality, or that divine love eliminates hatred, war, & conflict. The TRVTH (as we like to spell it) is that the Source is above all opposites. We can love our Folk with one hand and smite the enemy with the other, or even love our enemy and smite him anyway! And the Source is the only force that will give us victory over him!!

In my little white tribe, the Kin of Aries, we tune into the bandwidth of the Universal Source that radiates its benevolence specially to members of the white race and nobody else. If you say that the Source is God, then we worship the White God whose will is to deliver us from the evil that afflicts us and threatens the future of our children. If this seems confusing or illogical, there’s a very simple way to understand it: tune into the White Light yourself!

Let’s just call it Spirit, that’ll make it easier, in fact it’s probably the best name for the Source, lots less confusing than ‘God’. So how can you get the White Spirit into your life, and connect with it personally? That’s the simplest thing of all: you only have to ask!

All religions teach this, which is no coincidence because it’s a TRVTH of life, and actually transcends religion. If you’re a skeptic it’ll be a little harder because you have to open your mind at least to the bare possibility that there is an all-powerful Spirit beyond the physical world and the laws of material science. But if you’re more flexible about such ideas, the biggest doubt might be that you can make friends with it ~ little ol’ you can contact the Cosmic Spirit!

And you can ask it for help, that’s the crucial thing. People who think they’re already at the top of the food chain have no use for divine intervention, but if you’re like the rest of us you’ll appreciate any miracle you can get! 😉 So hey, just go for it! Take a break from your busy stuff, settle your mind and open your heart, then think or say anything along the lines of: Yow, White Spirit! Can there really be such a thing as you, do you truly exist? If you do, then c’mon down and shed some light on my life! And while you’re at it, I could sure use a hand with such & such and so & so, etc.

You get the idea, now it’s up to you! And when that Godly White Presence beams down upon you, feel free to tell ’im Flo sent ya! Seriously, I get a special blessing then too, like reward points on my cosmic credit account! 😁

And here’s a longer more in-depth version by my Acarya (spiritual teacher) Joseph Rex Kerrick:

The Spirit in Our Midst

Just keep following the links at the bottom of each post. 😊

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