Fiction for a White Future

The Novels and Stories of Joseph Rex Kerrick

Reviewed by Flo Nightingale

#1: R. Marcus

I live in a borderland between reality and myth. As wife/ mistress / love-slave to the man who is my Lord, my daily life fulfills the happiest dreams I had as a pitifully abused little girl. And it gets even better because Milord is the leader of a small but tight-knit white community called the Kin of Aries. So we can face the harsh realities of life in the anti-white global matrix fortified by our Geist, our shared vision of better things to come, even a White Millennium.

The Kin of Aries was inspired by the magnum opus of Joseph Rex Kerrick, which began with some incredible events in the 1980s. For years he tried his best to tell people about them in speech and writing, and though many people were amazed, few could believe they were real. He came to the same conclusion as other visionaries in the past, that only fiction could properly convey it to the popular mind. It’s called roman à clef: fact disguised as fable, a tall tale which can lead the astute reader to cleverly concealed truth.

His first full-length novel was R. Marcus, published in the underground press in 1995, where it was very popular. The concept grew out of his knowledge of the positive side of the ’60s counterculture: how close-knit groups could form from a sense of spiritual communion and dedicate themselves to a rugged natural lifestyle outside the system. He noted that the few successful hippie communes were almost all white, so they obviously had the racial bond too even though they denied it consciously because of their silly liberal belief-system. So JRK’s idea was: what if there had been a charismatic leader in the counterculture who was a pro-white spiritually enlightened alpha male! Well, here he is: Marcus Geist.


Marcus’ parents were loyalists of the Third Reich, and emigrated to the USA before its downfall. They raised him with full knowledge of the real conflict going on behind world events, which is described as a clash between Solarians and Ophidians, code-names for Aryans and the Jewish cabal that dominates the world order. He was a child prodigy and his higher education took place in a secret ashram in India run by the last Aryan Brahmins. The occult methods of the ancient tradition invest Marcus with psychic-spiritual über-powers, which are put to the test when he joins the Marines and fights in an early round of the Vietnam War. At the base camp he meets a nurse named Gail, and it’s mutual love at first sight. Then Marcus goes into the jungle with his troop for a year of harrowing battles and bloody initiations.


That should be enough to whet your appetite! You can get the R. Marcus ebook at the above link, and find links to the other two novels pictured above here: ebook at the above link, and find links to the other two novels pictured above here:

Realm of the Ram-2.jpg

And stay tuned for my next review.

#2: The Forefather

Sequel to R. Marcus

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