The Forefather

Fiction for a White Future

Instant recap: I reviewed R. Marcus by Victor Noble, aka Joseph Rex Kerrick. Marcus was a wunderkind born to Hitlerian parents who taught him that world events mask a secret war between Solarians and Ophidians, i.e. Aryans and the Jewish power-mongers. He acquired überpowers through some amazing adventures growing up, and fought in Vietnam where he fell in love with a nurse named Gail.

Review #2: The Forefather

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R. Marcus was only the first volume of an intended series, but JRK broke off the story for compelling reasons. He wrote lots of fiction and non-fiction over the next 20 years, but finally decided to finish the epic of Marcus, and this he did in The Forefather. The Introduction refers to R. Marcus but conflates fact & fiction, identifying the author “Victor Noble” as a real person, when in fact it was a nom de plume of JRK. On the other hand, the fictitious hero Marcus was based partly on a real person who JRK met during his adventures in the ’80s. And so we the readers set off on an intrepid journey into enthralling myth, never quite sure which beastie is real, which nightmare might overshadow us on the political horizon, or which beautiful dream may turn out to be truer than truth.

The Forefather is divided into two parts, each of which will be published as an ebook, but meanwhile you can read it all for free at that link. There’s a Chronology, which is a fast-forward spin through a twenty-year series of events. If it were written in typical fictional style it could easily fill four novels, so instead it’s a documentary narrative giving only an outline of all that happened, but in dramatic fashion. Alongside the Chronology there’s a Tale that fleshes out a specially poignant sequence early in the narrative; it’s titled Conjunction with Venus and is dear to my heart because the heroine is modeled on a real person who has been my instructress in the ways of love. But I have to save it for later and review the Chronology first.

The Chronology opens as Marcus & Gail return to the States to get married and set up house in Berkeley in 1964. Marcus creates a group called the Solarian Sodality with a revolutionary mission to overthrow the Ophidians and restore the White Imperium. Most SS members are students, and some are invited to move into Marcus’ house, which thereby becomes a commune.

Lots of early boomers who became creators in various fields did fictional travelogues of the 60s where the characters lived through the historic events and met some of the leading players. So it’s not surprising that in chapter one, Marcus confronts the Free Speech Movement on the Berkeley campus, meets the Merry Pranksters and has a psychedelic battle with Ken Kesey. The character Avice, who becomes Venus and stars in the Tale, defects from the Pranksters to join Marcus. Chapter two of the Chronology is a capsule summary of the Tale, so I’ll just note that it relates how Gail gets jealous when Venus moves into their commune. Marcus convinces her to agree to a triadic relationship, then makes love with Venus in a mind-blowing mythic-erotic extravaganza: the Gods appear above, the Dark Goddess Kali rises up from the Abyss, and the act of love is also a magic war.

Over the next ten years the Solarian Sodality expands into a second Berkeley commune and then onto a big property in the Valley of the Moon, the lush wine country north of the San Francisco Bay Area. Among the people who flock in are refugees from different sub-cultures: ex-hippies, survivalists, white nationalists, and more. Marcus calls the communities Colonies of Thule, our ancestral homeland which still exists in a higher realm. Then comes a fourth colony, biggest of all, on a vast tract of land in Washington State encompassing mountains, forests, and farmland; they name it Cascadia.

Here they abide in near-total seclusion from the outside world and go all the way back to the primal roots of all white traditions. The colonists live in rigorous harmony with nature, and primitive forms like polygamy are uplifted to a new plateau. Biological gender roles are restored and strengthened: boys are trained for mortal combat and most girls for hearth and motherhood. Furthermore, a new life-path is carved out for girls with a gift for eros, reviving the enlightened tradition of Aryan India: they become Shaktis, priestesses of love. This actually began IRL with Venus and her alpha lord who was another partial model for Marcus. It carried over to the Kin of Aries and has exquisitely personal relevance for me. I’ll tell you more about it in further spiels!

I hope all the above intrigues you enough to read the whole story! 😁 Or if you’re iffy about the read but like the subject-matter, I’ll now spiel a plot summary of the rest of the Chronology, complete with spoilers. It’ll also spill the beans on a well-kept historical secret and will be relevant to the present day, as you’ll see if you read on.

Chapter 7

Marcus realized that it was no longer viable for Solarians to fight in the U.S. military as he had done, because all future wars would be strictly for ZOG. In order to provide combat experience for his young men, he established a colony in an isolated sector of the Amazon rainforest where several factions were in constant strife. He made contact with the network of refugees from the Reich living in concealment in South America, including veterans of the original SS. With their help Marcus’ fledgling fighters won a deadly battle against Communist guerrillas.

His new allies connected Marcus with the shadowy network of international arms dealers, and he acquired a stockpile of war-grade military equipment which he stashed in Brazil. In 1984 there was a secret war in which Ronald Reagan faced down the Soviets with the covert threat of a nuclear first strike if they did not abandon their support of OPEC and opposition to Israel. Convinced that hostilities were imminent, Marcus ordered the import of his cache of armaments. This turned out to be a disaster when the Russians backed down.

FF-8-Secret Wars
Chapter 8

Now the Federal agencies that kept Marcus and his group under surveillance finally had a pretext to move against him. He knew there was no escaping his fate, so he decided to fight to the death against the enemy. He set up a White Alamo on the most rugged piece of terrain in Cascadia, and prepared to defend it as long as possible with a small suicide squad of volunteers. He crafted a plan that enabled the thousands of his other kindred to evade being killed or imprisoned.

A regiment of ATF and FBI agents invaded the property, just as they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco, but unlike those later sorties the Feds were met with tremendous firepower: bombs, missiles, anti-aircraft guns, and more. An Air Force fighter jet finally knocked out the heavy artillery, and the ground forces moved in for the kill. The gun battle between the agents and the white fighters reached a stand-off after heavy losses on both sides, and the Feds firebombed the compound. Marcus was the last man standing, firing at his enemies until the building exploded. This happened on December 8, 1984, exactly modeled on the scenario that took place on that day in the same state IRL: the death of Robert Jay Mathews, leader of the Bruder Schwegen.

The Solarians were emotionally shattered by the murder of Marcus, but they carried on bravely by holding their Winter Solstice ritual as usual only two weeks later in an outdoor amphitheatre. The climax was at midnight, but suddenly the script was breached as a sphere of light appeared overhead, slowly descended onto the stage, and condensed into the living form of Marcus. He had risen from the dead in numenal form, what he called his solar body, more potent and glorious than an astral body. His beloved kindred rejoiced as he spoke and related to them just as he had in physical life. He finished the ritual as its Magus and then disappeared, but manifested again and again in solar form for many years, and continued to guide his Sodality.

That concludes my spiel, and it ravels right into the current moment IRL, as I offer it to you on this festival of resurrection: Easter Sunday 2020. Rejoice, we are risen!


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