Our Sexy New Trad!


Greetings, noble Lords & Ladies! For your pleasure and edification I present my blog, named after my own uttermost joy: I’m a woman who passionately loves male dominion! I love the magnificent man who possesses me body and soul! I call him my Lord and worship him like a God because he sends me to heaven every time we make love! I honor him always and obey him, for his word is the will of God unto me!

Lots of other women have woken up to their true feminine nature and embrace their natural womanly role in relation to Man. This is so wonderful, especially after a century of feminism defiling women, bending their gender, driving them into a rat-race to dominate men! But here is the evidence that nature will always spring back and reclaim her own. We have a new generation of women devoted to home & hearth, faithful to their men, and planning to raise whole broods of proud white children!

WP-Sexytrad Meme

This is often called the traditionalist movement, and though it shifts us back in the right direction it has its flaws & frustrations, just like everything else in the human world. Here’s a meme I made to show you what’s happening. It started with the first 2 panels, a typical “bad vs. good” meme that was pretty popular on social media ~ without the big “buts” I added at the bottom. Lots of good women said hey, I don’t fit in either box, what am I gonna do? So panel 3 is my answer! 😁 I know it works because it’s really my very own life as I live it! ❣️

Here it is as a separate pic, so please feel free to copy & post it far & wide and help to spread my new hashtag! 💖


Now let me confess that Milord & our kindred go beyond the bounds of Western trad ~ we also draw from the Eastern branch of our ancestors, the Aryans. They developed amazing spiritual sciences like yoga and turned the erotic arts into a path of enlightenment. Women who were specially skilled in this path became priestesses of love. They were called Shaktis and were held in great esteem by everyone, and even regarded as the highest female caste.


We believe that if a group or a culture or a whole society is under the dominion of high-calibre white men, they can pick & choose from all the trads and even start customs that are totally new. My own Lord and leader is one of those men, so he allows me to serve him and our kindred in my natural role as a Shakti. In my teenage days I really was a thot, a slut, a ho ~ the whole slimy can o’ worms! Then I got saved by the love and the power of a real man, and now my gifts are used only under his command, instead of indulging them for my own selfish purposes. Lust is redeemed by love, and female sexuality is redeemed by male dominion! 💞


  1. Now this is truly a pro-life Blog!; God Bless You for standing up for the Great Western Way!: being Trad is the TRUE “wave of the Future”!,many thanks for “standing by your Man”!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Steven, I’m glad you like it! 😃
      It’s so good that you know that being pro-life is not only about the unborn babies but all the rest of us too, children and adults living in the world! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

      And right, we’re going Back to a White Future! Maybe you saw my meme with that motto on Twitter. If not, I’ll tag you for it. 🤗


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