Story of Flo

One of the men I most admire is a writer of wonderful fiction, and this inspired me to try my hand at it. My special interest is romantic / erotic experiences, of which I’ve had a few, including some that were so off the charts they’re hard to believe. So surely it’s best to spin them out disguised as science fiction! 😉

So here for your delectation is Story of Flo, in which I am the heroine as well as the authoress. The action in Part I is modeled on my glorious real-life conversion from a manipulating dominant bitch into the adoring love-slave of an alpha male who wouldn’t take no for an answer! Part II is more of a confabulation, but it expresses a genuine sense of the solidarity we have in the group of which I’m a member IRL, the Kin of Aries.  

Some people think my title is a bit simplistic, until they delve into the tale and figure out that it’s just a tiny tweak of the title of a very famous work of erotic literature. Parts I & II are contained in Volume One, available for a pittance on Amazon at the link above. Volume Two is already in progress, and I’ve published some of the chapters right here on my blog. ❣️

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