The Sexual World War

There’s such terrible evil going on in the world today: globo-anarchism, a big escalation of the war against whiteness, and worst of all the Coronapocalypse! But the bottom line of the whole plot is to abolish male dominion and establish female supremacy. The only way for the forces of light and white and good and truth to win the Battle of Armageddon is for Man to conquer Woman. He’s been gifted by God and evolution with the weapon that can do the job ~ he just needs the will to use it!

I learned this deep secret on two layers: the personal and the political. First it happened to me, when my slutty regime of dominating and manipulating every male I met got ecstatically overthrown in a supernal orgasmic fuck by an alpha male who loved me.

Then later I got the big picture from my enlightened mentor Joseph Rex Kerrick, who gives us the whole scoop on Eroskrieg. He’s so intelligent and scribes it all so clearly, but too many people have their attention spans crippled by audiovisual media, so I’m gonna lend a hand and spread the message with a special touch geared to the eyeballs as well as the mind.

I think the above pics mesh with the text. Now here’s one from chapter 5 of Eroskrieg showing the black and white Goddesses, Kali and Venus, the two forces struggling for control of woman’s heart!

Stay tuned for the next engagement in the war of love. ❣️ You can follow my blog right now (look for the little button at the top or bottom of your browser window) and/or follow me on Gab:

It’s the only place on the whole internet where Milord allows me to paste my real face! 😁

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