Your Hostess

Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m a girl of health & taste; I’ve been around for 26 years, and lose my soul in my man’s embrace!

My full real name is Pauline Florence Nightingale, and this is a very true-to-life portrait of me that was painted by my dear friend Marie Villers in my last life. I just had to ditch the sketchpad and switch to my current artistic medium. 😉 I showed it to Marie in her own current incarnation (though of course she has a new name), and she loves it! ❤️

I’m writing an Autobiography, but shortage of time plus emotional reverb have slowed it down. So I’ll jump to the big miracle where I got cured of serious psychopathy and a degenerate urge to dominate males. It happened in senior year of high school: I met a teenage alpha male who made my heart throb for the first time, but I was so screwed up I couldn’t bear it. I let him come on to me but the instant he touched me I told him to go fuck himself. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and fucked me instead, all kicking & screaming & outraged at getting raped. But as soon as I started to cum I slipped thru a warp from that hell into heaven, and knew I was in the arms of God. When I sank back to earth I was still in those arms, because my real live lover was God!

What a wonderful time it was after that ~ I was his worshipful love-slave for the rest of the term. Fate pulled us apart after graduation, but I stayed true to my new-found role and served another top-calibre man for as long as the Gods allotted us. At the final crossroads I met my soulmate, a magnificent leader of men (and women!) to whom I am now bonded for life ~ and beyond. Souls are immortal, you know, and he has conquered mine for all eternity! 💞

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