Story of Flo: Plot, Pix, Sex-Politix

My novel Story of Flo was a big jumble in my head until Milord said, “Just do it!” Naturally I obeyed, as a truly worshipful love-slave of the man who is my husband in the sight of the Gods! 💞 It all just poured out of me then ~ the tangled warp & woof spun forth from my ditzy brain as if from the loom of the fates.

Maybe I overindulged my B&D kink in Part I, but my excuse was that it might get popular like Fifty Shades of Grey. Then the redeeming message would get out to lots of women as they release their suppressed urges to be captured and dominated by masterful men. And unlike the shady potboiler, I made the political overtone ecstatically clear: this is what needs to happen to all feminists!

Forsooth, dear folx, there’s even an überlayer of racial politics: the story is set in a near future where white revolutionaries pulled the plug on hi-tech globocivilization, and now possess vast tracts of turf whilst government control has shrunk to a network of “green zones” in & around the cities. Thus my fictional future self is fucked into submission by a white warlord named Romulus, and in Part II he carries me off to a special place where I’ll be trained in the virtues I’ll need to become a happy habitant of the new white homeland, named Thule.

When I first began writing I blogged each chapter on Tumblr with a pic that matched the action, till I got to the end of Part I. Then I focused on writing Part II, and together they made enough of a story for a full novel. But when I uploaded it to Amazon they rejected it because of the sexy pics. I was surprised & upset because they’re all softcore, but they demanded model releases for the photos of real people. Of course this was impossible because I just got them off the Web, but I could see there was a legitimate point involved. So I deleted all the offending photos and successfully published the ebook.

It makes me unhappy, though, that only the least sexy pics wound up in the book, so to unsnip the censorship I present you with this post. Even Tumblr got a little scissor-handed, but the first 9 chapters are still there with the pics, so if you want to follow it all from start to finish just begin with this image-link, then jump right back to me here!

I narrate the whole novel in the present tense, and thusly these blurbs:

Part I, chapter 10. Deep Throat Devotion: After my glorious death & rebirth experience while getting fucked by Rom, I fall on my knees at his feet and worship him in the way implied by the chapter title. And I’m “overcome by the most exalted glorious sensation that I’m at the throne of God in Heaven, riveted here in this position for all eternity, rendering him this most ecstatic form of worship and devotion.” Here’s the pic, which ironically I found on Tumblr before they cracked down on porn. I added the caption myself, plus the heart to be sure it’s in good taste!

Chapter 11. A Soul is Won: I discover that I’m literally attached to Rom by a kind of astral umbilical cord. By mentally sending a command through the cord he causes me to start dancing, and I do a whole traditional Hindu Shakti dance which I instinctively remember from a past life.

Ch. 11

Part II: Halfway Home

I published the pic for chapter 1 in the ebook. Title: The Forgotten Virtue, which is modesty.

Chapter 2. Psychic Slave-Girl: I realize that I’m under Rom’s absolute control, “like an extension of his body, an arm or a hand or… a puppet, a waifu, a psychic variation of a cyber-slave.” Though it’s unsettling, I’m filled with “the luscious joy of being able to serve him so perfectly…”

II-2-slave girl
  1. The Cocoon: Rom wants to test his power, so he orders me to try to escape even though I don’t want to. I only get two steps when the umbilical wraps around me and becomes a cocoon.

4. The Gift of Shiva: the pic is in the ebook.

5. Presenting My Best Assets: Rom teaches me a “sex protocol”: when he commands me to “present” I have to bend over in the posture shown and hold steady while he does whatever he wants…


6. Secret Identity & 7. A Royal Welcome: The pics are in the book.

8. The Headmistress: Rom takes me to Royalstone, a training center for recruits to Thule. It’s partly modeled on a Catholic monastery, though the worldview sure is different. This is a humorous depiction of Mother Dominique, the Headmistress.


9. The Athena Protocol: As you might guess from her name Dominique is not a submissive woman, and she explains her role under male dominion as modeled on the warrior-Goddess Athena who faithfully served the patriarchy.


10. Pater Familias: I meet Father Peter, Master of Royalstone. Rom orders me to “present” to him, so I flip up my skirt & stick out my butt…


11. The Infrangible Vow: I make vows of poverty & chastity, just like in trad religious orders, except that Peter is finger-fucking me from behind as I do it. I think the pic is nice & subtle, not even porn until you use your imagination! And I’m not really wearing a nun’s habit in the scene.


12. The Gift of Self: Oops, I found a glitch! My writing mentor JRK let me crib his great lines of an alpha male parodying the words of the Catholic Communion rite, but I accidently left out part of it. So I’ll fill you in here, then later I’ll have to reupload the whole ebook to fix it there. I make a vow of obedience on my knees before Father Peter as I’m… well, you can guess what I’m doing! And he intones the sacred blessing: “Take ye and eat, for this is my bawdy big lingam. Take ye and drink, for this is my bloody good jism.” The pic is the one on the right above.

13. Love-Slave of the Sun-God: Just like with Rom, I have an over-the-top spiritual experience in the sex rite with Peter: I travel to the Sun and return to Earth as the sunshine. Here I am as the ebook: the Sun-Goddess Savitri.

14. Transfer of Power: No pic for the chapter, but instead here’s one as a preview of

Part III: The Cloister


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