The Fake Rape Jape

I got a good response on social media to my Hostess post, which includes a short & sweet spiel on how my sexual and spiritual salvation came by getting fucked by a man who loved me against my conscious will. The only sour note was a female voice on Gab whining about rape, a four-letter word that divides the world into hostile camps. Nobody knows what it really means, mainly because its meaning got completely reversed in just two generations. As long as society was led by good men and governed by patriarchal ideals, the gut reaction to the cry of rape was: “Oh no, an innocent woman is getting sexually assaulted!” But now that society is governed by the scurrilous agenda of man-hating feminists, the true reaction to the claim of rape is: “Oh no, some bitch is trying to castrate an innocent man!”

As long as the global Matrix of hi-tech society is intact, the drive for female supremacy will keep chugging along. The rise & fall of contending political factions will just slow it down or speed it up. It can only be derailed if the Matrix gets monkeywrenched or has a big collapse on its on steam. A new patriarchy can only arise in a primal situation, and we can prepare for it by getting men psyched to assert their power when barbarians reclaim the turf. This strategy is pursued in some parts of the Manosphere, but a lot of sharp lads shoot themselves in the foot (or points north) with misogyny. I don’t blame men for being mad at women, but there’s no sense doing the feminoids’ work for them! 😧

The Daily Stormer has been a strong voice for men. They may be hardcore misoggies but their humor makes up for it. Let’s jump back two years: when Judge Kavanaugh got on the Supreme Court I wangled the Stormer’s response into a post of my own titled Rape Liberation Front. Here’s the feature pic, so just click if you want to check it out ~ I endorsed their semi-sarcastic call for the legalization of rape! 😁

“Your bodies” in the headline twists the knife against the battle shriek of the ’60s feminists: “Our bodies belong to ourselves!” This was the Big Lie that fooled a lot of normie women into joining the cankerous cause. The truth is that women’s bodies are the natural resource for the propagation of the people, so in all healthy natural societies they belong to the tribe, the clan, the nation. And since all such societies are under male dominion (the title of my blog!) it means that women’s bodies belong to men. A girl belonged to her father or another male patriarch until she got married, at which point the “title deed” got passed along to her husband. A widow was taken under the protection of her eldest son or a male relative of her husband. These arrangements covered about 80% of the females, and most of the rest were still under the dominion of men in other roles.

If a man forced a virgin girl or another man’s wife to have sex with him, this was the crime which is today called rape. But back then the crime was not against the female but rather the man who had charge of her. The offended party was the father of the girl or husband of the woman, and he would exact justice on the rapist assisted by other men of the clan or the legal power of the nation; the case was strictly man against man. If a female was running around loose with no male protector she was fair game for any man who could grab her and fuck her. Even if it was against her will, it wasn’t rape.

But a woman’s will is a slippery thing, and Big Lie #2 is that “no means no”! Like other female mammals, women are genetically wired to resist their suitors. Just watch a couple of felines goin’ at it: the she-cat is hissin’ & clawin’ at the tom like to save her life, but if he gets scared an’ backs off, she’s like “Huh? Ain’t I pretty enough?” 😆 So this big “no” act isn’t supposed to stop her from getting fucked, but to make sure that only the strongest & sharpest males can father her kitties. In the real life of the natural world, an alpha “rapist” always gets the Darwin seal of approval, as well as the gratitude of the female for leaving her satisfied and pregnant!     

Human women (at least some of them) have more complex psyches than their animal sisters, so the ambiguous imprint of fighting against what we desire the most can become a hot sexual fantasy of getting raped. I ’splained it in my review of a movie about a famous historical event that proved the point: Sabines LOVE Those Roman Rapists!


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