Demon-Goddess Kali Incarnates as VP Candidate!

The cankerous campaign for global female supremacy kicked into overdrive when Kamala Harris got picked for the chance to become Vice President of the USA. If elected, she’d be a heartbeat away from becoming the biggest castrating bitch on the planet, a job for which she has special qualifications.

     Andrew Anglin psyched it out by intuition, posting this pic just as the VP debate began, and making these comments. He went on to say that Mike Pence should ward off the wicked Kali-spell by invoking Jesus ~ i.e. the usual ironic spoof. AA is a top pundit of the white right, but he has no spiritual knowledge or real religious belief. He made the connection with Kali just because Kamala is Indian on her mother’s side, and joked that she performs the bloody rituals of classic Kali-worship.

     Well, it’s way worse than that. You have to be hip to the occult forces that fight for earthly power from the invisible realms. Humans in physical bodies are puny creatures compared to the Überlords of light and darkness, but groups of humans with cohesive collective souls are Über-scale life-forms in their own right. One of the most powerful of these is what we call the Zionborg, the collective soul of you-know-who. It’s also one of the darkest Über-beings, as close to real evil as created entities can get. The Gods of all the great religions are likewise alive and well, and cohabit for better or worse in the metasphere, to give it our favorite name.

     Now you wouldn’t think that an Überdemon that sprang from a Semitic tribe would have much truck with one that held sway among the dark-skinned Hindus of southern India, but the fact is that Kali and the Zionborg are in cahoots big time. This is because the Black Goddess has expanded way beyond her old trad self and has ballooned to global proportions. Here’s a spiel that explains how it happened:

The Second Coming of Kali

     The quickie gist is that when New Age feminists saw the classic icon of Kali dancing on her husband Shiva, they projected their own false meaning onto it: “Woman power! Trample on the male oppressors! Overthrow the patriarchy! Female supremacy forever!” So the backwater demoness got promoted to the glorious bitch-goddess who rules the Kali Yuga with all its degenerate perversions. Since the Zionborg is on the threshold of this same goal, it was glad to take on Kali with her sleazy legions as female auxiliary. And now you can see that when Soros’ little biddy Joe Biden tapped Kamala for the #2 spot, it was an exact enactment of this larger plot!

If the ticket should win (which hopefully God and Emperor Trump will forbid!) Kamala would be poised not just to do the work of Kali via political rituals, but to actually become Kali. In occult lore this is called incorporation, similar to possession. If her power-level gets the big boost of taking over for geriatric Joe via his death or dementia, she could even become an avatar of Kali in the original Hindu sense of an incarnate deity. And there would be the Black Goddess in Kamala’s brown skin, enthroned on the highest seat of visible power on the planet!

     One of the honorifics of Kali is Kalima (the added syllable is the ancient proto-Aryan word for mother, which survived in the languages of the whole white world).  Let’s skewer a syllable into Kamala’s name as well, and dub her KaliMala. Thus her secret identity is exposed to the masses, and they are forewarned of the dangers that threaten us all if she ever gets her way!

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