Priestess of Love

My number-one job as a faithful white woman is to nurture and support and obey my man. It gives me great pleasure to do this, though his latest command is just a wee bit challenging. He wants me to tell you about the kind of woman I am, to stand on the virtual stage and unveil myself inside and out. I’d never have the courage to do such a thing of my own free will ~ I’m blushing in sheer embarrassment!

But I launched myself off in Our Sexy New Trad where I revealed that I’m a priestess of love, reviving an ancient tradition of our people both East and West. In the old Aryan culture the word for such a woman was Shakti, and that’s what I’m called today in our kindred. It’s my sacred vocation and mission in life! Unlike a certain other profession (said to be the world’s oldest), there’s no money involved whatsoever in what I do. Believe it or not, it’s all for love ~ which comes in many forms, especially spiritual. Body and spirit meld together in the most beautiful kinds of relationships, like mine ~ I love my man so devoutly I call him my Lord!

So what are the qualifications for becoming a Shakti? First of all, a girl has to be gifted with a passionate nature. In the current degenerate matrix of female supremacy, such girls usually grow up to become the biggest sluts and ball-breakers, but it’s an utterly different world in our neo-trad community under male dominion. Among these kindred, a woman who was first getting to know me shared her impression that “you’re the kind of girl who everyone falls in love with.” This has been completely true for my whole adult life (though I had a bad childhood): all good-hearted people of both sexes who become my friends treat me like a sister, a sweetheart, or the girl next door.

Men tend to see me as “a bountiful fount of eros”, as a well-spoken guy once phrased it. Yes, I’m still a very passionate girl…

… and Milord is teaching me to make the best use of my gifts as a mistress of the erotic arts. How’s that for a career title? 😁 As young as he is, he’s a tantric master with a top degree of yangus-wangus, so he’s fully qualified to train me as his tantrika!

Now here’s where we leap into deep waters that are usually too scary for even the most stout-hearted white-wingers. It happened when Milord decided that my talents could be of great service to some deserving young men in our community. They’re sincere souls and faithful white Bruders, but were also erotically challenged, to phrase it gently.

     It spun me into a turmoil when he broached it ~ I was sobbing out my heart: “How can I ever sleep with anyone but you?!” 😭 But he assured me of his permanent passionate love in an indisputable way, by fucking me back to the God’s-blessed state where we’re One forever in love! ❣️⚡🤩

So then I was emotionally ready though still reluctant physically. But his power of mastership over me is an absolute adamant bond ~ I can never escape his wonderful clutches nor violate his invincible will! So under his wise patriarchal guidance I was able to resurrect the deepest tradition of a Shakti as a sexual healer of men.     

Next time I’ll tell you about some of the healings, with enough intimate details to rouse your sympathetic response! 💓😉


  1. How about priestess of the erotic arts? Sounds more official lol and I’ll be waiting to read those details 🙂


    • OMG looked who just ambled back into my pretty pink boudoir! 😃 Hope your tank didn’t flatten the petunias. 😆
      But just leave the phraseology to me, dear boy, that’s my forte. 🖋

      You’re such a loyal fan, I’ll give you a little preview of the next episode to rouse your, um, sympathy. 😉 Title: *The First Man I Saved from Matrix-Castration*. Excerpt:

      I was incredulous at how skilled Carter was at pleasuring me in foreplay and oral sex. I thought I knew all my erogenous ones, but he found some in obscure parts of my anat0my that even Gawain never hit on. Not only was he a master at licking the bean, he knew how to plumb all the way down its stalk and fibrillate the very roots of my clitoris. I came three times in such quick succession that my mind lost the thread of my purpose. He was just about to dive in again when I pushed him back and said, “Hey, isn’t it your turn?”

      🌹🌷 ✨ 🤗


  2. Yes I have been busy these past few months, I’m sorry I didn’t comment sooner. I do like your forte 👌. Thanks for the sneak peak! I think it’s fait to say I’m hooked 🎣

    Liked by 1 person

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