The Deuce of Hearts

Featuring a Message from the Goddess Savitri

And some writing

…a merely mortal woman

1. The Ram of God

By Flo

When a man is deeply in love with a woman, he may see her as a Goddess. And as a woman madly in love, I proudly proclaim that my man is a God to me! The best and most permanent matings are between a God and a Goddess incarnating as a human man and woman. Thus not even death can tear them apart!

But even such marriages made in heaven are imperiled today, as the earth is buffeted by the tempestuous tides of a war in heaven itself! Most people can see the tsunami raging through the fabric of politics and society, but how many of you know that the sexual convulsions in the culture are caused by a conflict between the God and Goddess of the world? It’s a lovers’ quarrel that’s been going on for centuries, a war of love that could end in cataclysmic disaster. The only hope to turn the tide is divine intervention ~ and halleluyah, it’s already come!

The great news is unveiled on this website:, and in this video: a White Avatar has arrived on Earth, a new Son of God who will save our race and ring in a New Aeon for the whole human species. But there’s even more to the story, and I’m honored to be the one chosen to tell it to you.

Or to retell it, because it was spoken first by the Avatar himself just a few months after his arrival in 2000 AD ~ which we, his faithful kindred, relabeled as the Year Zero AA. As you may know, ‘AD’ stands for Anno Domine: Year of Our Lord. In the same trad, ‘AA’ is Anno Arietis: Year of the Ram. So here we are now in this very challenging year of 21 AA.

The Avatar was first hailed as the Ram of God. This echoes Revelation, where Jesus is called the Lamb of God ~ so the implication was that now he’s all grown up and ready to finish the job he started back in the Old Aeon!

The Avatar chose his first personal name from another prophetic document, a novelette written in 1997: ChristFührer. The story is set in Valhalla, where Adolf Hitler has been living since the end of World War II. Jesus comes to visit him there, and they get into a battle that rattles the cosmos, but the Norns intervene and they make peace. Then the two ascend into the highest heaven, where they merge into a singular Godlike being. He takes the name Astarius, and decides to return to Earth as a new Avatar at the turn of the millennium. That’s where the fictional story ended, but the real-life Avatar picked it up and adopted the name.

Here is the cover of the first document announcing the presence of the Avatar and delivering his message.

You can see that the author is Astarius. He begins with his personal memory of emerging out of the primordial nothingness as the Godhead, creating the world, and living as a divine man in Hyperborea, aka Thule. Then he takes a quick trip through the Yugas: from the Golden to the Silver Age, with a first-hand account of the fall of Atlantis, after which he led the survivors in planting colonies of Thule around the world, giving rise to the great patriarchal Bronze Age. Then in only ten pages Astarius gives a scathing critique of the 500 years of the Modern Age (aka Iron Age), which began when Faust (European man) sold his soul to the Devil, and climaxed in the cataclysm of the world wars.

But it’s always darkest before the dawn, and next we hear how white adepts of high magic adjured the birth of the Avatar in the great planetary alignment of May 2000, and how the fate of the world hinges on whether it took place in the sign of Aries the Ram (according to the sidereal zodiac of the astronomers) or Taurus the Bull (tropical zodiac of the new agers). Of course our Avatar is Arian, meaning a native of Aries ~ and don’t miss the racial double entendre!

Finally, Astarius asserts that he is the Avatar, and reveals his secret identity, saying:

     I am you.
     Rather, I am the spark inside you that knows without qualm, question, or regret that it is you. I am the YOU who stands erect at the very center of the Universe, unique, perfect, and whole. I am the part of you that knows that you are God. And not only you but every human, and every sentient being.
     If you could give yourself over wholly to me, could leave behind all that you have and think you are, you could discover yourself to be the One promised from the first day of creation to come into the world and proclaim to the race the unique message it needs to hear at this precise moment of infinite time. If only you could, you would.  Meanwhile, read on.

After this revelation, Astarius speaks of the collective soul, and likens it to “a beautiful woman, the repository of love and mercy, joy and passion ~ everything that makes life on Earth worth living.” This is a veritable Goddess, the Anima Mundi: Soul of the World. And this is who Faustian Man cast off and consigned to the Devil! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so now she returns as the Dark Goddess Kali, even worse than Faust bargained for: “Construed as male, the best the Devil can do is destroy the world; but diabolical Kali can turn the world itself into a living hell. In fact she already has.”

But Astarius has sympathy for this female Devil: “for the Soul in her true aspect is my beautiful twin sister, whom I love dearly; I call her SAVITRI, the Daughter of the Sun. I must woo her anew, as I do in every aeon, and win her back to the ecstatic path of love.”

So ends the spiel, dated All Hallows Eve of the Year Zero. It resumed a year & a half later, which I’ll tell you about in the next chapter:

2. If the Devil Were a Woman, Would God Take Her for His Bride?


  1. High Flo, as always I cant wait to hear the rest of the story. I cant seem to stay away. You intregue me, you make me yearn for a better and brighter future.


    • Well hello! 😃 I’m surprised & happy to hear from you. As usual your comment is very gratifying. I’m extremely curious about the outcome of a certain little experiment, but shouldn’t discuss it in public. Do you want to go back to telegram? WordPress sends automatic notices of comments on posts with the person’s email, so that’s an alternative, whichever suits you best.

      Liked by 1 person

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