If the Devil Were a Woman, Would God Take Her for His Bride?

The Deuce of Hearts

Instant recap: A new White Avatar was born during the planetary alignment of May 2000 (5-2K), and delivered his first message later that year in a tract called The Ram of God. At the end he revealed that he has a twin sister, the Soul of the World (Anima Mundi). She got transmogrified into the Black Goddess Kali, ruler of the dark Yuga that now prevails, but her real nature is that of the White Sun Goddess Savitri.

2. If the Devil Were a Woman, Would God Take Her for His Bride?

Exactly two years after 5-2K Astarius spoke again in a spiel titled The Alchemical Wedding. He announced that he had encountered his Twinsoul Goddess and awakened her to her true identity. Here’s the cover, on which Savitri is portrayed as a golden-tressed young girl who is crying, perhaps in grief or joy or both. Astarius introduces her in Chapter 1, then she begins to speak in Chapter 2: The Deuce of Hearts, from which I took the title of my own spiel. Remember that the first words of Astarius were “I am you…”. Now Savitri echoes him and says:

     I am Ewe ~ the mate of the Ram.
     I am the part of you that willfully chooses to forget that you are God, so that you can live forever in God’s love. All are One in the love of God, but the love can only be felt and known and returned when there are Two.
     I am Savitri, the Second. I am Yin, the mirror of God, so that he may look in my eyes and KNOW ~ and know that he IS ~ and know that he is Yang.
     I am she who forever surrenders to the One, so that I may be perfect as the Two and the None. I am the Yoni that opens as infinite space, so that the Lingam may fill me eternally as turgid Will. I am the womb of the universe, the matrix of creation. Within me sprout the seeds of everything that lives and grows and loves; and without me there is no life, no growth, and no love.

     It has been said that God is Love, but this is false. God HAS love for his creation, which is the reflection of himself that he sees in me; but when he sees me not, he is alone ~ and it is a terrible loneliness. The One without a Second may remember himself and suffer, like Christ nailed to the cross or Prometheus chained to the rock. Or he may transcend himself and arise into bliss ~ the detached, lonely bliss of Absolute Godhead, unmoved by the urge to manifest its infinite potential. This is the sublimest state of all, but if it were love, it would be naught but divine narcissism.
     Only when God splits apart like the head of Zeus or the body of Purusha, only when I spring forth and stand before him, all naked and yielding and abashed in the gaze of my Lord ~ only then does God know Love.
     I am the Eternal Feminine, the Object of the love of God ~ for he is the Subject, the Singularity, the Source. My infinite bliss is ever to surrender to the Will of my Lord, and thus I will know forever that I am loved.

Wow, this just shivers me up inside! 😍 It’s the clearest description of my own deepest spiritual experiences, which happen when my Lord, my Lover, my Man takes me body and soul in sexual love. It shows me that this intimate personal peak is not just me in my littleness but the creation of the universe all over again!

Notice how the rest of Savitri’s ejaculation also matches Astarius’ statement. We know that in the highest enlightenment the individual learns that he is the crown of creation, the One Divine Being, aka God. But the dialogue of Astarius and Savitri teaches us further that the Yang essence of the person is what enables this. A person whose essence is Yin ~ like a feminine woman ~ will have a different kind of enlightenment. Every time I return from the wonderful Nothingness, the blissful womb of the universe, I open my eyes and behold the Man who sent me there ~ and I know without qualm, question, or regret that HE is the One, NOT me! At the same time that I embrace his sweating turgid body, I embrace this penultimate peak as the highest allotted to me by my nature, and revel in it as my destiny!

So what about the saying that God splits apart? This is a poetically simple way of expressing the mystery of the divine primordial Oneness fissioning in two, which begins the creation of the universe. In Greek myth the Goddess Athena was born from the head of Zeus. This is not really the same concept because the other Gods and the cosmos were already in existence; but the image is strikingly similar to icons of Shakti emerging from the head of Shiva ~ and that pair of deities were indeed the Alpha and Omega in Hindu cosmology. Shiva is the Absolute Godhead, and when he decides to create the world he emanates Shakti, who brings everything into being via the dance of Maya. An older version of the myth featured Purusha, mentioned in Savitri’s text, who literally “fell in two”, creating his wife Prakriti. They made love and she gave birth to the myriad creatures, the endless multiplicity of the manifest world.

In another branch of Hinduism the Godhead/Creator is Vishnu, and his female emanation is Lakshmi. Here he is on his serpent-throne, floating on the waves of the nihil, as Lakshmi lovingly caresses his feet. This illustrates Savitri’s words: My infinite bliss is ever to surrender to the Will of my Lord. It’s the number one job of Yin to Yang, of Goddess to God ~ the Hindus call it bhakti: self-surrendered devotion.

Here’s a cosmic variation of the same icon, showing that Lakshmi’s eternal bhakti to Vishnu is the ground of being of the whole multidimensional universe.

And frankly there are more exciting ways for her to express her devotion than an endless foot massage. Here’s a scene from my novel Story of Flo (of which I am the heroine): a magnificent man named Rom has just fucked me to glory and back. It had an incredible spiritual overlay, and I tell him:

     “So now I’m a devotee… of thee.”

     “Yes!” he says, overjoyed, and gives me a big luscious kiss. We pull apart and he says: “Bhakti, my sweet little worshipper ~ bhakti to me.”

     I slip out of his arms and onto my knees at his feet. I give a little gasp as I see that he’s fully erect again. I take his phallus reverently in my hand and worship it, first by kissing it and then by taking it into my mouth and sucking it. I roll my eyes upward to see his face, and am overcome by the most exalted glorious sensation that I’m at the throne of God in Heaven, riveted here in this position for all eternity, rendering him this most ecstatic form of worship and devotion.

Lastly I note that the unveiling of Savitri in 2 AA (2002) was during a conjunction of Venus and Mars. I commemorate this portentious sync by redoubling it, for there’s another one in progress right now, and the two Gods/planets will conjoin in their tightest embrace right at the time I publish this post. So Mars & Venus, Ares & Aphrodite, are making passionate love in the heavens at this very moment!

3. The Mad Goddess

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