I Weep at the Wailing of Motherless Babies

Are motherless babies from artificial wombs the future we’re heading for?

     I would’ve been shocked to my shivers by the article at this link, except that I already knew the worst of it. It’s in RT, and how ironic that now we have to turn to Russia to escape the fake news of the Western media! But the author is a well-informed Westerner, Brendan Heard, who expresses the horror that all sane humans feel at the abominations he reports. He explains how the collective insanity of liberal materialist science, globalism, and feminism is leading us into a world unfit for human habitation ~ in fact the actual biological species will become extinct, replaced by a race of programmed droids in human form.

     Feminism arose from the bowels of women who were either embittered by their natural female role and/or lusted for power over men and society as a whole; female supremacy is the real underbelly and goal of the whole movement. Since this is impossible in a world where biology gives the decisive edge to men, the stratagem is to override it with technology.

     Mr. Heard reports the gloating attitude of MSM journalists whenever they comment on a scientific breakthrough that could lead to the desired outcome: childbirth without pregnancy. What a perverted notion! Why do they lust after such a horror? The answer appeared in the ultraliberal Guardian last March in an article summarized by The Daily Stormer under the ironic headline Jewish Feminist Says Artificial Wombs are Coming Soon, and the Discussion Should be About Women’s Rights.

     It seems that a team of Israeli scientists accomplished something that the Jewess journalist called “The mother of all inventions… they successfully gestated hundreds of mice inside an artificial womb…. The breakthrough brings us one step closer to reproduction without pregnancy. The division of labor in gestation is the most intractable imbalance between the sexes. Men have only to contribute a single cell to make a baby, whereas women carry their children for nine months and give birth, sometimes risking their bodies and often risking their careers. An artificial womb would mean complete reproductive parity between the sexes: all anyone needs to do is throw in their gametes and the rest is taken care of….

     I guess that would be easier than throwing away their aborted babies, like they do now! Lots less messy, anyway. And oh how awful that a woman might have to risk her career to have a baby! You see how they hate the natural order, where the main career for most women is having babies.

     Brendan Heard mentions that one of the driving forces behind the motherless agenda is transhumanism. This is a crock of malarky hatched in the 1960s by geeks who were so out of touch with their souls that they wanted to trade their flesh-&-blood bodies for cyborgian monstrosities that could keep them alive forever in the material world. The nutcase notions have only mushroomed since then, as scientists & techies flocked into the plot. Talk about being too smart for your own good! But the problem is that they want to inflict their mental masturbation fantasies on the rest of us.

     Can we get all the pieces of this sinister jigsaw to fall into place? They were puzzled together a few years ago by a man with a masterly mind, and the picture they made was so incredible that he decided to present it as fiction.

     The factual elements are cleverly woven into the novel so it’s hard to tell where the line is drawn, unless you know the inside scoop, like me. So now I’ll extricate the elements that cast light on the murky subject of the motherless babies.

     The hero of the novel is Gavin Paneskos, whose secret identity is a psychic-spiritual superhero named Ramar.

His adversary is an oppositely but equally überpowered woman named Kalianna, the leader of a technoreligious cult aiming to take over the world. In Part I we see her on stage mesmerizing her followers into a sexual trance; then she snaps them out of it and gives a spiel hyping the Singularity. This is the holy grail of the transhumanists, a twisted vision from cyberpunk science fiction which they expect to come literally true, where technology will explode beyond human control, giving birth at long last to artificial intelligence (AI).

     Gavin is in the audience, and when he makes some critical comments Kalianna unleashes a psychic fusillade at him which he easily deflects, all of it unseen by the spectators. During an intermission (Part II) he makes friends with a couple of them, Kirk & Jennifer, and deprograms them from the cult. Then he leaves, but the two are drawn back in for the rest of the performance. (Part IV)

     Kalianna does a black magic ritual and conjures forth a demonic entity called the Macrobot, the evil essence of modern technology which dominates the world. The spellbound audience sees it as an angel of light, and it asks what boon they may desire. They shout back: Freedom and liberation, especially for the women of the world. “It shall be done!” replies the Macrobot and then explains how: “Your souls are contained in defective instruments (human bodies), but I shall give you the gift of perfect instruments, bodies not subject to the enslaving constraints of biology. You shall live for two hundred, five hundred, a thousand years and more ~ perhaps forever.”

     So there’s the glorious promise of technohumanism (I think that’s a more accurate name for it)! With everybody living so long, says the Macrobot, “the need for replacement instruments (new babies) will be sparse, but even the few new people we may wish to bring into being can be conceived and gestated in perfect wombs, not the lubberly ones inside female bodies. Thus women will be free at last from this heaviest burden of their gender.”

     Now the Macrobot & Kalianna conjure a new spectacle, making the stage overlap with the astral realm, where the souls of unborn babies are seen floating in the ether. Kirk & Jennifer are not under the spell, and they watch in horror as the Macrobot transmogrifies into the demon-god Baal, a huge bronze idol with a flaming furnace in its belly. The hapless babes get sucked into it and wail in anguish, while the monster and Kalianna are relishing the feast ~ they’re literally eating the souls of the unborn babies.

     You might think this is just a ghoulish fantasy, but alas it’s all too real! It happens especially to the souls of aborted babies, as I ’splain in this spiel, drawing on Evangelical, Catholic, Pagan, and ancient trad sources:

How Would You Like Your Baby, Madam: Sautéed, Stir-Fried, or Oven-Roasted?

     The good news is that help is on the way, from the highest and mightiest spiritual realm, thundering down to impact the Earth. This is told via mythic imagery in the climax of Ram Arising, an apocalyptic clash between Ramar and Kalianna. So hold tight, kids, it’ll be a helluva ride, but we’re gonna break through to a whole new world!

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