The Remancipation of Women

     I’m a natural-born love-slave: I worship my man like a God, and it gives me exquisitely titillating pleasure to follow his commands in the whole round of daily life, not just in the bedroom (or anyplace else we happen to make love).

This is the heart of feminine nature, and millions of women are reawakening to it, searching out and finding men with the right commanding qualities, and settling down in the traditional role of wife & mother, homemaker & helpmate.

     But there’s no ‘happily ever after’ for women in general or men in particular. The world has fallen into the clutches of a sinister cabal that has upeneded all that’s good & decent & traditional in human life. It has subverted religion & morality, turned all the white countries over to the blacks & browns, and given women total power over men in sexual relations. The natural balance of the sexes can never be restored until this Globomatrix is overthrown. As impossible as it seems, this can be done, and I’m helping to prepare the way by telling you about a future that’s restored to the hand of man.

     That’s the exact right way to say it, and it has a special significance. When feminism started up in the 19th century, they said their goal was the emancipation of women, echoing it from the abolitionist movement. But there was another layer, because the word ‘emancipation’ literally means “taken from the hand of man”! So there’s the whole story of the rise of female supremacy: women got out of hand, specifically out of the hands of their men! And it gives the prescription for the fix: women have to be REmancipated ~ men must take them in hand once again.

     This can’t be done on an individual basis. No matter how secure a tradwife seems to be in her role, if any serious dissonance ripples through the domestic bliss she can pack up the kids and the family jewels with nary a moment’s notice, or just boot out hubby into the cold. This is the ironclad legal framework of the world matrix, making it a de facto gynarchy where even the mightiest alpha male is cucked from the first fuck.

     The only possible escape from the matrix is collective, whereby a solidly-bonded group of people establish their own sovereign society under male dominion. We can call it a Patrix. If you hop to the short spiel at that link, you’ll be fully informed of what’s afoot, and ready for the next episode of Remancipation.

2. Civilization is a Lady’s Game

Coming soon!

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  1. As usual, you’ve “hit the nail right on the head”; EVEN that latter day feminist fool writer, Margaret Atwood,(best known for that TRASHY,”cry-baby”,dysphorian novel,”A Handmaiden’s Tale”), realized that women, NEED TO BE SUPERVISED, it’s just a question in EXACTLY what matter,or degree,that supervision MUST take: after all, Germany’s greatest philosopher, Frederick Nietzsche, famously commented,”A woman is either a tyrant or a slave”… CASE CLOSED!?!

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